Kappture Quick Start Guide

 We now have convenient, cashless spending from your College ID card!

Top up and use your college ID card to make payments throughout the college at any payment till while receiving loyalty points and offers automatically!

No need to carry cash around, and no minimum spend, just quick and easy contactless payment from your college ID card that is always on you.

Manage your money, view your balance, and view your loyalty offers from the MyDCG app.

Kappture – cashless spending on your ID badge


To check your balance, topup, etc. please follow the links within MyDCG, Moodle, Staff Intranet, Website or go directly to https://admin.kappture.co.uk/enterprise/MemberAccount/DerbyCollegeLogOn and log in with your usual DCG username and password.

Once logged in you will see your balance and any subsidies that you are entitled to, such as funded meals.

Topping up

To top up your balance you will need to register a debit or credit card. To do this click the “Register Card” button underneath the word “Balance”

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You will be redirected to a secure card entry page. Enter your card details and click “SAVE CARD”

Screenshot of card entry screen

Once you have successfully added your card you will be taken back to the previous screen and will now see a “Top-Up” button. Click this to top up your account.


Enter a top value and then click the green tick on the right


You will now return to the previous screen where you will see your new balance. 

Loyalty offers will also be available through the app and website and be collected automatically.  For example, there is a coffee points system in place within the Starbucks areas.  View Loyalty and rewards within the app to see how many points you have automatically collected buying coffee.  Once you have purchased 9 to get 9 virtual stamps, the 10th will automatically become free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to use this?

    • It offers the convenience of purchases of any size, direct from the one card that you must always carry when at College. You no longer need to get to a cash machine to draw out £10 to buy 1 coffee.  Also, the automatic loyalty points and offers tracking are far more convenient that needing a paper slips to be stamped.

Does this system mean that you will not by accepting cash?

    • No, we will continue accepting cash.

Can I part pay with cash and the money on my ID card?

    • Yes.

Is there a minimum I must spend each time I use my ID card for payment?

    • No.

Is there any charge for using Kappture?

    • No, if you load £10 onto your card, you have £10 to spend.

I can’t login to Kappture or my username isn’t recognised.

    • Are you using your Derby College credentials? If you still have issues, please contact Learner Support to log a support ticket with IT Services. 

I have forgotten my ID card and I get a meal allowance.

    • Please speak to learner servicesI have forgotten my ID card.
    • We will shortly be implementing a payment code within the MyDCG app. Once logged into the app the QR code will be shown and this can be scanned at the till.

I have got a new or replaced ID card and Kappturedoesn’t work.

    • Please wait 2 hours from issue until the card is active for use with Kappture.

How do I collect loyalty points?

    • We have various promotions thought the year.  For instance, you collect a point when your purchase a coffee using your card.  You do not need to do anything, it’s automatically added and when you collect enough points the till operator will be presented with a button to issue the drink for no cost.  You can check your loyalty points balance from the Kappture portal.

My payment card is being declined when adding funds.

    • Please first check that your cord details are correct in Kappture and the card you wish to use has available funds.  You then may wish to contact your bank to make sure that there isn’t any issue on their side.  If everything is OK with your card and bank and you still need support, learner support will log a support ticket on your behalf with Kappture.


Last modified: Thursday, 20 August 2020, 2:32 PM